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Foreign postdocs at the NIH

During my first meeting with the planning committee for the 2011 NIH Career Symposium, I learned that more than 60% of the postdoc fellows at the NIH are non-US citizens or residents. Briefly judging from the accents heard around the room that day, I estimated that possibly 75% of the planning commi...



From Beijing to Washington: dream and reality

“Hi, my name is Serena, nice to meet you!” I feel this was a kind of introduction of myself a long time ago, which sounds formal and exotic to me.  “Oh, nice to meet you! What is your Chinese name? My name is Richard.” “My Chinese name is Xiao-Li. Sorry if it is hard to pronounce, jus...


Focus on the National Interest Waiver

Between the 2 prevalent fast-track categories for scientists, the EB2 National Interest Waiver/NIW is often the "easier" one to prove.   There are strategic reasons for why a foreign national may need to file an EB1 (or Extraordinary Alien) case, i.e. if the person is Indian or Chinese where t...


Pre-planning Your Immigration Case

In this week's blog, let's focus on laying the ground work for an extraordinary-ability or national-interest waiver case filing.  How can you pre-plan and position yourself to maximize your chances for a successful outcome?  Here are some tips: 1. My first request from clients is usu...


U.S. Immigration, a waiting game for many

When I started to consider writing for this blog, I suddenly found myself with a case of writer's block.  I said to myself, ”How could someone who drafts, consults and writes daily for a living not simply write?”  I realized it was because there is so much to say on the subject of U.S....


Ex Lab

University and Class Distinctions (or The Money Gap)

My parents and older siblings are first generation immigrants. I am the first natural-born Canadian in my family. I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in a small bungalow. My parents would be considered uneducated, but I learned my most valuable lessons from them: Don’t pre-judge people. ...



How to Visit Booths at the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

Following the success of the first two Virtual Job Summits, Bio Careers is excited to present our third edition, the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit Fall 2012. Several employers' virtual booths already opened for jobseeker review on August 1st with more coming in future weeks. You can learn more abou...



An Individual Path to Permanent Residence in the Interests of the United States.

Many people have heard of the traditional method of obtaining permanent residence in the United States. From a somewhat simplistic standpoint, this is viewed as being ‘sponsored for a Green Card.’ During that process, a sponsoring employer files paperwork  with the Department of Labor and, ...