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Informational Meetings Help Get Your Foot in The Door

In my previous post “Finding The Door To Get Your Foot In,” I included excerpts from an original email that landed me a face-to-face informational meeting. For the benefit of readers who do not know what an informational meeting is, it is simply a meeting (or an interview) you arrange to talk to...



Plagiarism: Definition and Scope

Hello everyone!  Today’s blog is on a very important topic that I have recently had to deal with as a science writer, plagiarism.Introduction: I have my own business where I work as a publication specialist.  I facilitate the publication of primary research manuscripts at all stages. I m...



Finding the Door to Get your Foot In

We are often told to get our foot in the door. Yet, for most of us, finding the door is our greatest challenge. In fact, most foreign nationals find this to be true. Case in point, I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia, and matriculated to the United ...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Take Care of Yourself

In this crazy busy world when we are all focused on our jobs, and careers, and our research, don’t forget to focus on yourself.  I’ve seen many articles lately that when taken together, make me think more about taking care of myself, especially if you are still young.



Postdoc in Academia: Freedom of thought for the brave.

As I was finishing my PhD, I faced a dilemma that comes across the minds of many PhD graduates: To stay in academia or try to transition to an industry job.In my case, I took the first option--even after being tempted with a few industry positions that paid more generous salaries.A good friend that ...


Shu Chin

How to Linkedin- a personal prospective in the proper etiquette

When I was introduced to LinkedIn in 2004 there were no plethora of articles, blogs or websites about the proper etiquette for using the site.I learned it the hard way, by having a few soul-pulping rejections, mortifying notification of suspended requests, and a couple of not so politely worded resp...



Don’t Avoid All Risk: On Becoming a Skilled Risk Manager

Imagine if a start-up company in an emerging market called you today and offered you your dream job with all your dream benefits and in your dream geographic location. Would you take the job without reservation? Or would you immediately envision the risks involved in a start-up company in an unprove...



The Siren’s Song of Employment

So, how is the New year treating you? Are your resolutions still in place, or have you joined the humbled masses who will swear once again to never make New Year’s resolutions? I know Spiderman (in the 2012 reboot) said that the best kind of promises are those you can’t keep – but are you real...



I got my PhD – now what?

I am very excited to be writing blog posts for the Bio Careers community and hope that my experiences can help other PhD scientists discover their own career path. In this first introductory blog, I want to tell you all a little bit about myself and also address an issue that I think a lot of scienc...


Shu Chin

Sibling Rivalry: The Stupidest Way to Choose Your Career

First things first: Maybe you’re wondering how I can make that claim? Let me tell you a story about a girl and her inability to swallow her pride.