Career Path: "Proposal Writing Beyond the Bench - Grants, RFXs, Tenders, etc."

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Description: This webinar is for the science PhD who excels at and enjoys writing, and is looking for an alternative career to academia and the bench.  Dr. Hoverman will share her experiences in transitioning from a bench scientist who enjoyed writing, to a Business Owner who holds several contracts with customers who need aid in Grant and Proposal Writing.  Dr. Hoverman will cover the background, skill set, and motivation necessary to pursue a career as a scientific grant and proposal manager/writer.  Attendees will hear first hand how to turn training in writing and communication that they have received as a PhD, into a successful career option or business.  The attendees will have a chance to ask questions and beyond the seminar, connect with Dr. Hoverman via professional Social Media like LinkedIn and GooglePlus.

Bio: Dr. Lisa Sproul Hoverman founded Hoverman Scientific and Medical Communications (HSMC) after a successful graduate and post-doctoral career. 

Dr. Hoverman has a background as a scientist who excelled at public speaking, lecturing, writing and editing. 

Dr. Hoverman specializes in the areas of grant and academic proposal writing, editing, and management. Dr. Hoverman evolved her success as a grant writer and proposal manager in academia, into a private consultant career, focusing on grant and proposal management and writing. This career led to the formation of HSMC in 2008, where she continues to support many customers in grant pursuits, and supports others by managing private and federal proposals. Dr. Hoverman has been an active team lead or team member on over 25 funded grants, which total more than $127 Million Dollars in funding. She has served as a proposal manager on more than 137 proposals which has resulted in over $98 Million Dollars in funding for her clients.